Forging the Foundation from the Burning Pursuit of Truth

 Gather in Fellowship,

Connecting Divinity

This new church was created as a space to foster fellowship for like-minded believers in divinity.  Where you can explore YOUR divine connection, FREE from the fear and guilt of traditional theological intention.

The True Meaning of


After relentless obfuscation, we seek to restore the word back to it’s origins in Greek.  The definition simply means, ‘Convened at the public place of council for the purpose of deliberating.’ Shining the light on this simple fact FREES YOU from the shackles of authoritative religion. Restoring your divine birthright to the creation itself. 

What is it?

The Hidden Gospel

The good news of the victory of the Aryan People.”

The hidden “Gospel” refers to the fact that even the true, original meaning of the word “Gospel” has been hidden.  The word was created by the original Roman Pagan Emperor-worship cult to mean “Good news of the victory of Caesar”.  By extrapolating only slightly, the Church employs this term to mean “The good news of the victory of the Aryan People.”  Restoring the divine connection originally intended.

First Minister

Jeffrey Daugherty

Jeffrey is a 42-year bible scholar, was a previous Christian minister for over 20 years and has a bible college degree.  He became convinced that Christianity is part of the Judeo-Christian Fear and Guilt, Blood Magick matrix.  

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